I help you find your brand’s purpose, create offerings that get you paid, build a brand that your audience loves (finally!), and expand your brand beyond your website. You need to work with someone who understands your vision, asks the right questions and works with you throughout the branding process. Your business is unique so you want to work with a visual brand stylist who has a unique design perspective, not someone who uses the same design style on every website. You need a branding partner whose style is diverse and versatile, which will allow your brand to shimmer.

I’m basically going to kick your brand into shape (with love, of course). We’re going to brainstorm, plan and craft a brand that you and your audience love. If you’ve ever been confused, distressed or hesitant about branding your business, I’m here to help you clear up the confusion, put you at ease and give you the loving push you need to expand your brand.

I’ve got your back. Let’s skye rocket your brand.

If you’re a creative, solopreneur or small business owner (or ready to be one); if you want to build an amazing and fresh brand that promotes action, if you want to be taken seriously and build a solid brand identity for your business, then


Your brand should be amazing.

Simply having a website or logo isn’t enough to create a visual brand identity. If your online marketing is boring or basic, your business will drown in the sea of businesses that are popping up every day. Your brand should be strong, consistent and unique. When your customers have an amazing brand experience, they will be loyal. But, if any part of your brand is lacking, you could lose out on opportunities and money.

Your brand should be fresh.

If you’ve had your brand identity for a while, it may hold sentimental value because you did it yourself. Or, maybe a friend did…But have you outgrown your brand? Or, maybe you never really liked it in the first place? If you’re not in love with your brand, it’s time to rethink, rebrand, revamp. The time you spend thinking about a thing prolongs any positive results. Instead of teetering between doubt and complacency, it’s time to freshen up your marketing with a new brand identity.

Your brand should promote action.

When you incorporate action into your brand through online marketing, you’re creating a conversation with your audience and connecting with them beyond your products and services. Even though we’re being sold to all of the time, no one wants to feel like they’re being sold to. Your audience wants to know your products and services solve their problems. Your brand should show them that it does and incite them to buy or work with you. The only way you’ll know if your business meets the needs of your audience is if your brand promotes action.

Kim-Brown Toni is professional and efficient. I absolutely hate paperwork and lengthy processes. None of that with her. It’s simple. Be specific in your desires for content, functionality and aesthetics and she’s brings it to life. No fuss. Her turn around time is an asset, especially for busy pros without discretionary room for delay. She gets it done. PERIOD.
Dr. Kimberly Brown


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